The Pursuit of Happiness

One of the founding principles of our wonderful country is every man and woman’s right to pursue happiness. But what if happiness wasn’t something to be pursued but instead, a state of mind?

What has been bred from pursuit of happiness?

. . . greed!

(Scriptures about greed) Wars have been waged, and overuse of resources, crime , and other self-seeking behavior have been committed largely because we have been conditioned to believe that we are insatiable beings that have to constantly be fed with material things (verify this)

But this void that we have was designed within us to seek Christ to fulfill our needs (Matthew 6:33).

What I’m talking about here is not complacency but contentment.

How, you may be asking, can we be content in Christ? You can begin by changing your perception about what you already have.

You may not have the Maserati you want, or the perfect family, or a wardrobe big enough to make Carrie Bradshaw go into shock, but you do have something! it could be food in the refrigerator, gas in the tank of your Honda Civic or air in your lungs.

What I want you to do next is pull out a journal. It could be made out of loose leaf paper or a beautifully ordained journal and designate it as your Gratitude Journal. In this journal, do 3 things:

  • Put the day’s date on the top
  • Write, Dear God:
  • list everything you’re grateful for

Mine looks like this (insert pic here)
Day after day, conclude your day with this gratitude journal. If you keep writing the same thing everyday then great! Your mind will begin to change into more of a thankful attitude about all you have. It’s also a great way to de-stress after a long day.



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